Should defects occur of the sold product within 12 months from the date of commencement of use, 18 months after delivery as a maximum (for normal agricultural operation), then the seller is liable and entitled to carry out remedial measures as soon as possible.

This means that if any defects or missing parts on the equipment delivered by Sukup Europe A/S occur, you must always contact Sukup Europe first. If you contact concerns defects mentioned in connection with the handing over of the project, during assembly or in the first season after the assembly, you must contact your Project Manager. In other cases contact the Service Department (Denmark) or your sales person (exports).

When you call us please note the name and position of the person you speak with. If you take contact to another supplier, your own electrician, smith etc without making an agreement with Sukup Europe about it, all used materials, transport fees, wages etc. is for your own account and our warranty on the repaired parts is no longer valid.

If the customer cannot wait for our Technicians to arrive and therefore contacts another supplier, even though Sukup Europe has been advised, this is also for the customer’s account, unless a written agreement has been made with Sukup Europe (for instance by e-mail).


If the defect occurs to be caused by:

• Incorrect operation of the installation
• Materials from other supplier(s)
• Other supplier(s) bad or incorrect assembly
• Bad or incorrect assembly by customer’s own electrician
• Missing or insufficient maintenance

- the customer will be invoiced for all expenses we have had in connection with the clarification of the above problems.

All warranty or claim contacts will be subject to an inspection from Sukup Europe regarding the age of the installation and if the installation has been maintained by qualified personnel, during the seasons (every year).