Sukup Europe 

 Quality, Strenght and Efficiency

The company was founded in 1955 at Klejsgaard, when we bought our first combine and the need for grain drying and storage was a reality.

Since then, we have endeavored to use our practical experience from our own farm with the latest ideas in our product innovation.

We are today one of the oldest companies within our field. The first 60 years the company was operating under the name DanCorn, and today we are promoted as Sukup Europe.
The sales are today both being done through dealers and as direct sale to end-users. 
Hereby we secure the use of our many years of experience in the development and assembly of grain and seed handling plants. 


New strong ownership structure

After 60 years and two generations, the Hansen family decided in the spring of 2015 to sell 2/3 of the family company DanCorn to the American family owned company and business partner, Sukup Manufaturing Co.

For many years Sukup has been behind the production of the grain drying bins that have been sold through DanCorn.

In autumn 2015, DanCorn changed its name to Sukup Europe, and today represents Sukup on the European market. However, the business model and agenda continues as before.

The new ownership means that we will no longer be a costly intermediary, but instead the producer. Therefore, our customers get an even closer connection to the factory.

The acquisition means a strong ownership which provides a strong foundation and an important security for our customers- now and in the future!


American ownership

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is a family-owned manufacturer of grain bins, grain dryers, material handling equipment and pre-engineered metal buildings. The world's fastest growing bin company and largest family-owned, full-line grain drying and storage equipment manufacturer.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is located in the heart of rich, Midwestern farmland.

Since the introduction of their first stirring machine in 1963, they have been manufacturing products to make grain production more efficient for farmers.


Part of Danish Pig Academy

Danish Pig Academy (DPA) is a collaboration of independent Danish companies within equipment and services for pig production. The Danish Pig Academy is a gathering point for both international and Danish pig producers as well as other interested persons, groups, institutions and organizations within the pig industry.

Danish Pig Academy promotes cooperation and strengthens the sale of Danish equipment and services to pig producers worldwide through a joint showroom and network.
The Danish Pig Academy provides the pig producer with the opportunity to experience the best of Danish technology gathered in one place.