The essential equipment...

Our widescale of accessories and options creates the complete solution - whether we talk about flat storage or control panels.
We don't leave anything to chance or inferior accessories.

Control Panels
A good Sukup silo installation includes a control panel adapted to your specific wishes and requirements.
Our control panels are available for both single and large installations.

The fan must be powerful enough to push the air through the grain layer.
All heating sources normally used for drying grain can be used.
This can be oil, gas, hot water etc.

Oil heaters
Suitable for grain drying, space heating etc.
The oil heaters have indirect heating at which the heat emits to the air via a heat exchanger - damaging products are lead through the chimney.

Our hot water calorifier is connected to a central heating system and becomes a safe and favourable heating source.
Twin calorifiers may be mounted on a mobile dryer.


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