Jens Jungersen

”We wanted to deal with a company with an extreme amount of experience and know-how. Having our farm so far north the crops sometimes don’t have time to ripen in the straws. We have a very short season here. The installation from Dan-Corn has been operating perfectly"


Project Details

Project Birkelse Hovedgård
Kammerherrensvej 62
DK-9440 Aabybro
Agriculture Horticulture, 2300 hectares
Use Breeding
Type Silo Project
Silo 1 x 4808 with cooling -1.325 t.
1 x 6013 with colling - 3.380 t.
Conveyor 120 t/h - Skandia
Dryer Stack dryer 75 t/h
Intake pit 52 m3